Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Silk Scarves and another Swallowtail

Hi there - I will start this post with my knitting. Yet another Swallowtail shawl  ! I had some warm gold lace weight silk left over from Helen's woven scarf, just less than 50gms so enough for a Swallowtail. The first picture is a close up of the beading. I prefer the beads to the nupps described in the pattern.

Second picture shows the finished article, washed and blocked and ready to wear !

My weaving has also been silk ! I have had some natural 30/2 silk in my stash for a while and as I am having a 'silk phase' I thought it was time to use it up. 
I chose a draft from the Strickler book of 8 shaft patterns. It was draft number 154. It said it would be slightly lacy but on the loom I don't seem to have lacy !

Here it is on the loom and it looks ok. I used the same yarn for weft so this scarf is self coloured. Sett was 28 epi and with floating selvedges I had no problems weaving.

I didn't have enough natural silk to do two scarves so I used a soft purple silk weft for the second scarf and the result was really very nice.

The weaving is slow as it is quite fine so it is taking a while to finish. It will be interesting to see if I get anything lacy once I have the scarves washed.

So no finished article to show you this time !

Thanks for visiting, I do appreciate your company on my posts !


  1. Hi Dorothy! I swear, I've paged through that book a million times, but I don't recall ever having seen this lovely pattern!! What a great selection for silk! I'm sure the patterned areas will just announce themselves in beautiful form once it is off the loom. As always, you are the Queen of the Swallowtail shawls. Every one is as lovely as the previous. Of course, silk makes everything all that much better!

  2. Silk is so lovely to work with isn't it? It inspires you to do beautiful weaving...

    It shows in your lovely cloth!

    :) Susan

  3. What a lovely draft. It reminds me a little of the one in Twill Thrills, called the Earl's canvas. Just a thought, are you sure you are not beating this a little too hard? Or is the pattern unit supposed to be flatter than broader? I hope you don't mind me asking, and you have probably got it just right, but I couldn't help asking, since you mention it not being particularly lacy.

  4. Sigh. You have such wonderful eye candy.

  5. I can't believe how beautiful your knitted scarf is....what a stunning pattern and the beads really make it very special.